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martha torrance works with leaders and members of organizations to assess their needs and tailor-make the right intervention.   if the intervention necessitates another consultant or bringing in multiple consultants, martha can tap into a broad network of consultants she has worked with in the providence and boston areas, and in fact, nation-wide.

martha uses an organization development approach, which assumes that organizational improvement is a participative process rather than a reaction to a set of "expert" recommendations.   her approach is inclusive, reflective, based on ongoing feedback, and adjusted as the client determines.

most work involves more than one of the following approaches:

strategic planning -

working with leaders or representatives from an entire system, martha has designed and facilitated sessions that have resulted in entire strategic plans or revisited/refreshed specific parts of a plan.   the results of this work can include:

vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, objectives/strategies, activities/tactics, timelines and benchmarks, and assessment/evaluation tools.  

two recently completed plans can be found at:


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team development and communication

martha has worked with small teams and large systems that are experiencing communication breakdown or simply an unhealthy climate.   assistance might include:

•  team building and development sessions

•  mediation/conflict resolution

•  meyers-briggs type indicator

•  experiential learning activities

•  communication training

•  feedback skills training

•  facilitation of team meetings or work sessions

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leadership development

martha has worked with groups of leaders and individual leaders to examine leadership styles and the impact on organizations. she utilizes decision-making and situational leadership models to help clarify the appropriate style for management situations.   assistance might include:

•  skills training

•  observation and feedback

•  meyers-briggs type indicator

•  coaching

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management coaching

martha has worked with individual leaders to assist them with planning, hiring, assessment and supervision, communication issues and organization design.   coaching can be face-to-face, on the telephone, or occasionally through email.   management coaching is often a part of other interventions.

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board development

martha has worked with many boards to assist with role definition, planning and goal setting, and conflict resolution.   assistance might include:

•  planning retreat design and facilitation

•  training on roles and purpose

•  coaching board chair(s) and executive directors on working relationships

•  working with board staff to more effectively serve their board

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process redesign

martha has been involved with several projects that have involved process analysis and redesign.  

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human resources systems

martha was involved with a large hr reinvention project at the boston public schools, which redesigned many of the hr systems in the organization.

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meeting/retreat facilitation

many of martha's interventions involve meetings or retreats that need to be carefully designed and facilitated.   she works closely with the client to design effective sessions, produce all of the necessary materials, creatively and flexibly facilitate the session, collect feedback, and produce notes that are essential for follow through.

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martha is a trained mediator with mediation works, inc.   although she has not participated in a legal mediation process, she has used mediation skills to resolve conflicts in many organizational settings.

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